Areola Restoration

Breast Cancer is a devastating word to hear, but beating it brings joy to the person who successfully overcomes it. There could be severe and extensive damage left behind. Doctors have successfully worked in that area to rebuild and replace that which was taken away. We can complete the process and restore the natural beauty of your breasts so you can regain confidence in your own femininity. Areola restoration and re-pigmentation is generally done following breast reconstruction surgery. Size, shape, and color are duplicated as closely as possible, to their original state.

We encompass as much of the surgical scar as possible. This procedure can be performed unilaterally or bilaterally for men or women. This paramedical procedure (paramedical permanent makeup is the implantation of pigment within the skin in a safe and sterile environment) can be performed even when there is no actual graphed areola and nipple.

Lifelike reconstruction can be used to fashion a more natural look after breast reconstruction surgery by creating the illusion of a lifelike areola and nipples. It is a great confidence builder both physically and emotionally. Areola complex re-pigmentation greatly reduces the appearance of the surgical scars. A client once stated to me after the procedure “I look like a whole women again!”

Due to the sensitive nature of this procedure, pictures are available upon request.

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