Cosmetic Tattooing


Procedures_eyebrowsGreat eyebrows provide a lift for the eyes and the frame for the face.  We will measure and design unique eyebrows for each individual.   After we determine the size, shape, and symmetry of the eyebrows, they are stenciled. Before the procedure begins the prefect color will be determined and agreed upon.  So that you are satisfied with the final result you will participate in the entire process. The finished brows will have a soft powdery/shaded look or for clients without eyebrows the hair stroke method is used to achieve a natural look. This procedure is ideal for anyone who desires fullness or definition of their eyebrows. The design can encompass a few strokes to define an eyebrow with a short or uneven tail, a sparse eyebrow and even a total eyebrow. Also, a hair stroke method can be used to give you a natural look. This procedure is recommended if you were always afraid of your eyebrow pencil wearing off during a workout or going swimming. You will never feel embarrassed again for losing your eyebrows. Our brows define our facial expression and frame our eyes. Proper measuring and attention to facial shape and symmetry is of the utmost importance.