Some of your Questions:

Q. Is the procedure painful?

NO! Topical anesthetics are used to minimize discomfort.

Q. Do I have a choice of placement?

YES! During your consultation, Christine draws your makeup on first for you to approve the placement, shape, thickness before she starts and she also does a patch test so you can approve the color.

Q. What is involved in recovery?

There will be slight swelling and redness in the skin, which will quickly subside. You may resume normal activity after the procedure. Complete healing takes one to six weeks while the pigment reaches its final color.

Q.How long does it last?

It varies from person to person but you can expect several years. It depends on how while you follow the aftercare instructions. The sun is also damaging to the makeup so make sure that you wear sunscreen to preserve it.

Q.What do you recommend for maintenance?

It is based on the individual and it is generally one to two years after your first initial visit.

Q. Do Permanent Cosmetics Look Natural?

Christine prides doing the most natural work in the industry. So the answer is yes! It will absolutely look very natural! In choosing the right technician it is very important. It is vital that you go to an experienced technician with a proven track record of good work. Just remember, it’s really important to go to someone who can prove their track record and who you’ve heard good things about. Permanent Makeup is not intended to replace cosmetics completely.

Q.Who is permanent makeup for?

If you want to look your best anytime, anywhere it’s for you. If you want to shed off some years and look healthier, younger and fresher permanent makeup does wonders! If you’re a busy mom, business woman or have an active lifestyle you’ll save hours every week not having to stand in front of the mirror slaving over applying makeup. Not to mention you won’t have to worry about sweating it off during a workout or melting by the end of an evening out.

Q.Is permanent makeup expensive?

Christine believes that people are looking for the highest possible quality of work. As stated, remember that this is your face and there is no room for compromise. Only the highest quality of work should suffice. When it comes to your face, accept nothing less than a first class result with no one else but a master practitioner. Remember this is your face, you want perfect permanent makeup.

Q. Is it safe?

Yes. The strictest sanitation and safety standards are followed by using only single-use needles and parts. Also, hypo-allergenic pigments containing no fragrances, emollients or other irritants are used during the procedure.

Q.Can I remove my Permanent Makeup if I change my mind?

Because it’s easy to add color and difficult to take away, your technician will be conservative in the initial application of your new color. Take advantage of the consultation to discuss your wants and needs. It’s also time where you and your technician choose the right colors and discuss any special requests you may have. Your cooperation will largely determine the end result of your procedure. Remember it is a team effort.

Q. Will I really look like myself.. Only Better?

Permanent cosmetic makeup helps replenish what time has taken away and gives back precious time you normally spend “putting on your face”. You can save up to 100 hours in a single year that were formerly spent struggling to draw eyebrows evenly or eyeliner half-way straight. That’s two and onehalf weeks of free time plus the money you’ll save buying new and expensive cosmetics that rub off, smear, smudge and disappear during the day.

Permanent Makeup is not intended to replace cosmetics completely. Because the color is placed “in” your skin and not “on” your skin a more natural, softer look result. When you’re ready for a special occasion, you can apply as much additional makeup as you wish.

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