Permanent Makeup Services



GREAT eyebrows provide a lift for the eyes, frame the face, and define our facial expressions. We will measure and design the eyebrows for each individual. After we determine the size, shape, and symmetry of the eyebrows, a shape is drawn on and the perfect color will be determined. At this time, you will be able to approve shape and color. To ensure that you are satisfied with the final result, you will participate in the entire process. If you were always afraid of your eyebrow pencil wearing off during a workout or going swimming… you will never feel embarrassed again for losing your eyebrows.

Microblading (Hairstrokes/3D)

What makes our permanent makeup services different? You don’t do your makeup laying down... So why should we? We do your brows sitting up... For a more natural look!

This procedure is used with a hand tool and deposits a very thin amount of pigment into the dermis of the skin. Each stroke is carefully placed forming the shape of the eyebrow. SO THEY LOOK LIKE REAL HAIRS!!!! Microblading is great for anyone that is either looking for just a few hair-strokes to replace some hair loss (short or uneven tails, sparse eyebrows) or even an entire eyebrow. This procedure is great if you are just wanting a natural look.


Is a traditional look that is still popular today. We will fill in the entire shape of the brow with a soft/powdery technique. This will give the brow a full look without looking like you put your brows on with a sharpie. If someone is looking for that full brow look (but wanting that natural daytime look) this is the procedure for you.


Is just that!!! A combination of a soft powdery/shaded look along with Microblading(Hairstrokes,3D). This procedure is ideal for anyone who desires fullness and/or definition of their eyebrows along with a natural look with hair-strokes.

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