Permanent Makeup Services


Stardust Permanent Makeup is a very advanced technique that is best known for creating a very soft and powdery look. We have been trained by Paola Soto-Briceno in which we learned the stardust techniques invented by Sviatoslav Otchenash. S-Brows, S-Eyes and S-lips. To obtain this soft natural look one uses a digital machine creating shading techniques for specific looks. Stardust is best known for creating an eyeliner/shadow combination that looks like eyeliner with a smoky eyeshadow by using multiple layers of coloring to create permanent makeup that looks like a makeup artist did your makeup. Your artist will advise you on the design and style that will work best for you. Designs are pre-drawn on so that you can visualize what the design will look like prior to the tattooing. The designs are specific to each individual by taking into consideration your features. Remember this is a team effort and the final style will be up to you. If you are not sure which Stardust Makeup design is best for you, please schedule a consultation with us and we will help you. Our goal is to help you look and feel your best, so we will not recommend something for you if we don’t think it will accomplish our shared goals. What makes our permanent makeup services different? You don’t do your makeup laying down... So why should we? We do your brows sitting up... For a more natural look!

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