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Lip Blush

Permanent Makeup Houston lips 1 beforePermanent Makeup Houston lips 1 after

Note: After photo is immediately following a lip coloring procedure and there is still slight swelling.

Lip Color

You can have the lips you have dreamed of having now and for many years to come without worrying if your lip liner/lipstick is going to come off when eating or drinking. When we age our facial features begin to lose color and we look pale without a lip liner. This procedure can appear to change the size and shape of the lips, as well as the entire color. This is a great way of bringing definition to enhance one’s facial features.
Many women enjoy lip color but do not like the problems associated with conventional makeup. Permanent makeup solves those problems, such as the “feathering” lip liner that draws attention to unattractive wrinkles around the mouth. Lip liner only creates a more defined look. It is good for correcting asymmetrical and faded lip borders. The lip liner can also be done with color lightly shaded into the lip for a more natural look. Most people prefer full lip color that brings vibrancy to their face. Full lip color can give you the optical illusion of fuller-looking lips without painful and temporary injection. You can always do a blended method and have a lip liner with a blend of a little lip color. Then no more embarrassing stains on a glass.

Full Lip Color (includes Lip Liner)

The full lip color permanent cosmetic procedure can brighten the entire face all day, every day. This full lip enhancement is the most advanced procedure for lips. Not only will it enhance your lip color, but it can also change the appearance of the size and shape of your lips. You can choose a pigment color like a neutral soft pinky peach that adds a natural lip blush/tint. If you want a brighter pigment or one with more depth of color (a lipstick look), that can also be achieved. The lips will be defined (contoured with matching liner) to give volume and symmetry for a beautiful smile. Another benefit of permanent cosmetic full lip color is that the look of expression lines and aging wrinkles around the mouth are diminished creating a more youthful appearance.

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